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Empowering Voters.  Defending Democracy.

Democracy is not a spectator sport, it's a participatory event.

If we don't participate in it, it ceases to be a democracy.



League of Women Voters of Henry County, Indiana

Welcome. The League of Women Voters of Henry County is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. We influence public policy through education and advocacy.




2024 Election Dates & Deadlines

     General: November 5, 2024

Election Schedule for General Election

Oct. 7     Last day to register to vote

Oct. 8     First day of early in-person voting-Henry Co. Govt Bldg

               Early in-person voting begins-Henry Co REMC

Oct. 24   Last day to submit the application for an absentee ballot

Apr. 27   Saturday: Both early voting sites open for early voting

May 4     Saturday:  Both early voting sites open for early voting 

May 6     Mon. at Noon:  Last day to vote early-Henry Co Govt Bldg

Nov. 5    General Election 6 am to 6 pm

Nov. 5    6 pm deadline for absentee ballots to arrive @ Justice Ctr

Dec. 2    Voter registration opens again

Register to Vote. Confirm Your Registration.

Update Changes to Your Name or Address. 

Go to





Donald J Trump-R                                

Joseph R Biden Jr.-D   



Jim Banks-R                                                                        

Valerie McCray-D                                



Mike Braun & Micha Beckwith -R                                       

Jennifer G McCormick & Terry Goodin Governor -D 
        Donald Rainwater & Tonya Hudson-L
        Christopher Stried-I 

Todd Rokita-R
Destiny Wells-D

US REPRESENTATIVE – 6TH DISTRICT                                         

Jefferson Shreve-R                                                                    

Cynthia (Cinde) Wirth-D
        James Sceniak-L 

STATE REPRESENTATIVE – 33RD DISTRICT--Stoney Creek Twp.                      

John (JD) Prescott-R                             

John E Bartlett-D                                  



Cory Criswell -R                           



Bradford Barrett-R






Kit C Dean Crane-R 

JUDGE HENRY CIRCUIT COURT, 53RD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, NO 3                                 

David L McCord-R                               



Brian Clark-R                                          



Stephen L Rust-R 

COUNTY COMMISSIONER - MIDDLE DISTRICT                                   

Steve Dellinger-R     


Susan Huhn-R                                       


COUNTY COUNCIL – AT LARGE (3)                                     

Jay Davis-R                                          

Scott Koontz-R                                     

Chad Malicoat-R                                                     \

Adam R Thompson-R 
Clint Weaver-R   

Every candidate listed will be contacted by the League of Women Voters either
by email or postal letter and asked to submit their biographical information and
respond to question of interest to the candidates' voters by September 15, 2024.   

All candidate information will be posted on VOTE411 by October 1, 2024

Go to, enter your address to access information about the candidates on your ballot.  Vote informed.


VOTE411 Is your online guide to
Voting information

Register to vote.  Find information about the candidates on your ballot. Learn about early voting options and locate polling centers.

General Election Day--Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024

        Vote Centers on May 7 & Nov. 5, 2024   (6:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.)                              
New Castle:
American Legion, 419 New York Ave.

Grace Baptist Church, 2649 Q Ave.

Henry County Art Center, 218 S 15th St.

Whittier Lane Baptist Church, 1345 Whittier Ln.
Henry County REMC, 3400 S. State Rd. 3
Mooreland: First Christian Church, Community Ministry Center, 115 N. Broad St.

New Lisbon: New Lisbon Christian Church, 6477 E Co. Rd. 500 S.

Middletown: Middletown Church of The Nazarene, (North Entrance) 698 N. 5th St.

Lewisville: The Gathering, 902 E. Main St.

Cadis: Cadiz Christian Church, 4894 W St. Rd. 38

Mt. Summit: Mount Summit Christian Church, 508 S. Walnut St.

Knightstown: Knightstown United Methodist Church, 27 S. Jefferson St.


Every vote is import so pre-plan and vote. 

  1. How will you vote? Absentee ballot, early in-person, or in-person on election day.
  2. If voting early in-person, which site and which day will best accommodate?
  3. Note dates and deadlines associated with the way in which you plan to cast your vote.


Accepted photo identification is as follows:

  • State of Indiana identification with the voter’s name, photograph, and an expiration date that is current or expired after the most recent general election
  • U.S. government identification that meets the above criteria, like a passport
  • Student ID from a public institution in Indiana that meets the above criteria
  • Military ID (need not include an expiration date)

            The Previously                 Incarcerated in Indiana                   Can register

  • Voting rights are restored upon release from jail or prison.
  • People who have been previously incarcerated should check their registration, and re-register to vote if it has been canceled.
  • Individuals on parole, probation, home detention, or people who are in jail awaiting trial can vote.
  • People who are in a community corrections program, such as work release or electronic monitoring, can vote.


  • College students have a right to register and vote in the place they truly consider to be “home” — whether their dorm room, apartment or parents’ house.
  • High school students who will turn 18 by the next General or Municipal Election, may register to vote before the registration deadline even if they have not yet turned 18.

Who is Eligible to Cast an Absentee Ballot?
65 or older; Out of the county on Election Day e.g., college student, traveling, etc.; Disabled; Confined to home?  For any of these reasons and more you MAY Apply for an Absentee Mail-In Ballot.  Go to for the list of accepted reasons for requesting a mail-in absentee ballot.

How do you Request an Absentee Ballot?

Go to to download or complete online an application for an absentee ballot.

Or call (765) 529-9310 and request an application. 

The Deadline to return an application requesting an Absentee Ballot to the Voter Registration Office in the Justice Center or submit an application online October 24 by 11:59 PM. for the General Election.

Returning the Mail-In Absentee Ballot.
The voter must sign the affidavit on the outside of the mail-in ballot envelope
The signature is used to validate the genuineness of the vote.  It is compared to the voter’s signature on file. Unsigned envelopes will not be counted.

Absentee ballots must be received by and at the Voter Registration Office at the Justice Center by 6 P.M. on Election Day November 5, 2024.  The postmark on the envelope is not considered so mailed ballots must arrive by the date indicated.  Absentee Ballots can be hand delivered to the Voter Registration Office at the Justice Center but the absentee ballot must be submitted by 6 P.M.  A completed Absentee Ballots will not be accepted at polling locations.

Urge Your Members of Congress to Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

We need a fully restored VRA to defend our democracy and protect the freedom to vote. The JLVRAA is needed to fully restore and modernize the VRA and ensure that discriminatory voting policies are stopped in their tracks.


Urge Congress to Address the Climate Crisis and Protect Our Youth.

Do not let future generations inherit the climate crisis. Urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor the Children’s Fundamental Rights and Recovery Resolution to address climate change and protect our youth’s rights and future. 



Inequality hurts everyone.

Tell Congress That Equality Belongs in the Constitution.

The ERA has met all ratification requirements. It is time Congress acts to publish the ERA.


Serving the people of New Castle, Blountsville, Cadiz, Dunreith, Greensboro, Kennard, Knightstown, Lewisville, Middletown, Mooreland, Mount Summit, Shirley, Spiceland, Springport, Straughn, Sulphur Springs INDIANA